Acne…The Do’s and Dont’s…

Spots. The little shits that will take over your face, and take away any self confidence you had and leave you feeling ugly. We’ve all been there at some point haven’t we? We’ve all had that spot that’s been brewing for days, only to make itself known at the most inappropriate time, in the most inappropriate place, with the most inappropriate appearance. I mean come on… Having Mount Etna on your face isn’t really ideal is it? I mean she’s probably really nice, but not today thank you. Not any day. Especially the day I forget to put my concealer into my make up bag…

And then there’s the times when the spots get out of control. They come in what feel like their thousands, and invade parts of your face like they’ve declared some sort of war. Then it may get all civil, and you’ve got different armies from different areas of your face trying to invade each other. It’s not cool is it?

In all seriousness however, there are tips which can help. I know when I had severe acne, I lost all confidence when it came to my face. It go to a point that I’d skip college and hide away in my room for weeks until I realised it was on me to sort this shit out. I did go to the doctors which is one step I would recommend if it gets too much. I got put on tablets which lasted a good half a year or so which really changed my complexion. But this isn’t a post about getting some pills to sort your skin out. Not only did they help, but I had to find ways to keep my skin in check after finishing my course of antibiotics, and to never have to go back on them again. So, after a way too long introduction, let me share with you some tips which have really helped my skin. Please note that I still don’t have the best skin, I have scars from my acne, and I still do get blemishes and spots. But it’s nothing compared to what I used to have. You can trust me on that.


We all have our beautiful pots filled with delightful brushes that help us to apply our make up nice and evenly. But tell me, how often do you actually wash those beauties? Washing my make up brushes seriously is one of the most soul destroying chores I have to do when it comes to make up. It isn’t fair, I know. BUT if you want to limit the amount of bacteria spreading around your face, and clogging up your pores [MMMM, gross but true] then you need to ensure you’re washing your make up brushes regularly. I’d say at least once a week.


If you’ve been up to date with the posts, then you will know I am a fan of a certain foundation. The Revlon Colour Stay. The coverage of this foundation really helped me with my acne. Honestly, it covered every single spot, and paired with a good primer it stayed on my skin throughout the day. It covered any redness and made it hard for people to believe that I actually had any issues with my skin when I wore it. Honestly, I love this so much that even now I can’t part with it. It’s also so good to cover acne scarring too.


Since going through different stages with my skin, it’s given me the opportunity to really take the time and effort into looking after it. It gives me the motivation to have myself a nice skin routine morning and night, with the occasional slip up if I’m feeling lazy…But the majority of the time I am putting effort into keeping up with it. I’d really recommend products that don’t have that much in them. Look for natural recognisable ingredients, which you think would be gentle on the skin, for example, fruits are really good for the skin, and not ingredients that sound something like you used to make in your old chemistry class at school… I also learnt that if your spots are sore and aggravated anyway, go for extremely gentle products and try to limit exfoliating those areas to once a week or so, because I found exfoliating can make them slightly worse and even more sore.


Honestly, this one I can’t stress enough. I know drinking water can be such a pain in the backside sometimes, but holy moly, I genuinely believe that drinking a good 1.5 to 3 litres a day saved my skin. It really does flush out all those dirty toxins in not only your skin but your body too. So it’s an all rounder really…But you will be living on the toilet…


Another one that really is important. Sometimes acne can be caused through poor diet. If you’re not getting the right nutrients and taking in all those vital vitamins then your skin can suffer. Try to stay away or limit yourself from the fizzy drinks, high sugar and saturated fat foods and eat more natural foods and you’ll be on your way.

It does take time, and I know it can be frustrating, but honestly, it does get better. You may feel like you’re completely on your own, and you look at other people’s skin and envy how they can wear no make up and still look lovely and clear…But you aren’t alone in this civil war on your face. There are so many others in the same fight. And even when you feel like your piling on too much foundation to cover them all up, or you don’t even want to leave the house because of it, please remember that beauty isn’t all about having clear skin. As cliche as it goes, it really is underneath that truly matters. It’s the person that you are which is where the true beauty lies. Spots come and go, but you’ll always stay. Try and focus on that part.


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