All Night Long…



We all want our make up to stay put. Especially when you know your make up’s going to be on your face all day and you won’t be able to reapply much throughout the day. So apart from our trusty primers…what else can we do to ensure our full face stays put?

Number 1 has to go to the Amazing All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray by Urban Decay. Everyone knows this product. From beauty gurus, to your sister recommending it to you. This guy is one you definitely need if you’re going to be out all day and you want your make up to stay exactly where you put it when it was applied. This product promises to reduce the risk of your make up creasing, melting and fading, and also making your skin look softer and smoother…Which I can proudly say it does. I recently attended a wedding and I wanted my make up to stay solid throughout the day, with not being able to carry that much make up with me in my little clutch bag. So I sprayed this baby 2-4 times in an X and T motion over my face, and my make up stayed put ALL DAY and NIGHT LONG. Queue Lionel…? Nope? Alrighty then…


Next up is another Urban Decay love… The Eye Shadow Primer Potion. This one you’ve definitely heard about. If you want your eye shadow to become bolder, brighter and last forever then you’ll probably wanna purchase this little beauty if you haven’t already. I also used this perfect potion for my eyes for the wedding. My eye shadow became even more bolder and brighter, and really did last all day without creasing. A holy grail product for your make up stash. Application is also a dream, with the small applicator at the end of the product. This stuff is also great if you’re wanting to wear winged eyeliner and you want to ensure that it stays exactly where you applied. No one has time for walkabout eyeliners. Especially me. But using this as a base to lock the product in, my eyeliner stays precise all day without smudging. Thank you Urban Decay!


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