Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask…

If you have a problem with saying no a lot of the time, or you get to the cashier ready to purchase an item and you don’t realise it’s more expensive than you thought, but you’re too embarrassed to say no, then you might relate to this one.

Since I live in a pretty isolated town, whenever I’m in Leeds visiting my sister, we make an exciting and traditional trip to Space NK. It’s definitely one of my favourite things, because we have so much fun going round the little store, trying and discussing different products.

In this particular Leeds Space NK, me and my sister got talking to a skin care specialist, who was just amazing. She spent a good hour with us talking about different products, about their ingredients and why they can help our skin, and what type of skin care routine and product would be suitable for us. She got to know our names, our jobs, it was just really warming to have someone take the time to help you and just have a good chat!

When I asked her about what would be good for my skin, because I suffer with combination, and weird persistent pimples on my forehead, which come across as really oily. She recommended me to try the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask. Now I’ve seen all the hilarious Facebook videos of girls sat for hours trying to peel off the black face mask, which I didn’t really fancy doing myself… But I tested it out on my hands, and asked other employees in the store, all of them of course giving me good reviews, but the evidence was there on their amazing skin. So I decided to go for it. However, I got to the cashier and she asked me for a whole £68 for a 50ml product. Really? I’m not really sure why I never checked for the price and got a sample instead…I guess I was caught up in the moment!


Is it worth the money I hear you ask? Well after a couple of weeks not touching it and thinking I should go and take it back, I decided hell no. Let’s see if it does the business, and I can talk about it on here.

So First impressions. It smells pretty alcoholic when you put it on your skin. It always makes my eyes water, but once it’s on there the scent turns into a lovely calming aroma that feels really nice and cooling on the skin. I started out by applying the mask all over my face, which after a couple times, I felt it really tightened my face, and left it feeling glowy and much brighter. It contains oxygenated, viper-inspired neuropeptide which helps to lift your face, by freezing the muscles and plumping any fine lines and wrinkles.


I then decided to only do that every now and then, and stick to just using it on targeted zones, such as my chin, nose and forehead. This really works for me, and also helps me ration the product because 50ml ain’t that much ladies and gents! It’s also really satisfying to peel off. It doesn’t hurt, you just have to make sure you’ve left it for a good 20 minutes or so, and it starts to peel itself. You can also see all the dirt and blackheads etc, on the peeled mask afterward…Which is good! It’s a really good mask if you’re wanting to remove any excess oil, impurities and dirt from your face that won’t break you out!

So would I recommend this product to you guys? Yes. Yes I would. However, is there something out there just as good, but half the price? If you’re wanting to treat yourself and your skin, then I’d say go for it. But in the mean time, I’m rationing mine, because my bank balance is a little sore…

2 thoughts on “Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask…

  1. Ooh I’ve been waiting for a review on This! This is the first good one I’ve found,i certainly want to try it.
    Hopefully it will make my terrible skin,less terrible!
    Thanks for the info x

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