Lush Lovin…

Recently I’ve taken the decision to be kinder to myself. Give myself more time to relax, focus on me, and we all know what means. Bath time. I’m a big lover for Lush. I love their ethics, their products, and most importantly, the smell of the shop as you walk in. Lush.



So I’ve found myself buying more of their products recently, and really taking the time to appreciate what they’re doing for my body. I was able to get my hands on The Comforter, with thanks to my kind Sister who treated me. This guy is just so nice. It comes as a big bar that you can break off into pieces, which you can then run under the tap for your bath and you’re pretty much in aΒ bubble blanket of heaven. With heavenly calm aromas, it leaves the water a nice pink colour which you can soak in and cleanse your body and mind. Definitely the ultimate bath product.

I then picked up some bath oils, which just smelt delicious. The Melting Marshmallow MomentΒ (left picture) is sweet and smooth. With ingredients like almonds, to hydrate the hair and skin, from virgin coconut oil to really sooth and moisturise the body, this oil will melt away your troubles as you melt into the goodness. I also picked up the You’ve Been Mangoed. This guy is just full of rich fruity mango and avocado butter, lemon grass and lime oils, which really help to liberate your senses and give you that extra dose of energy you’ve been missing. I loved this product!

Since going Vegan, I’ve been slowly turning my make up and beauty products into Vegan ones. I then thought about shampoo and conditioner and I’ve been on the hunt for something that’s going to wash my hair, and leave it feeling clean and full of life. I came across the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner bar, Godiva. This fella takes me back to Vietnam, with the beautiful scent of Jasmine and the different oils and butters which help to condition the hair. It leaves my hair feeling so fresh, soft and clean, and smelling so so good.

Next up is the Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion. This stuff is just lovely. It’s so soothing and rich, that I feel I’m having a big hug when I apply it. It’s great for dry skin, which I have on my hands due to the cold weather. The ingredients are so dreamy, with oat milk to help moisturise the skin, calming chamomile and organic cocoa butter that soothes and calms the skin. Just perfect. And it also smells heavenly. But we knew that was always going to be the case with Lush.


The Vegan Files…6 Months In…

I can’t quite believe that it was 6 months ago I decided to cut out all animal products from my diet and become a Vegan. Where on earth has that gone?!

So how are things? For me now, being a Vegan is just who I am. At first I remember it felt like this crazy diet I had started, or weird phase where I’d be thinking ‘okay day 4 I can do this’ to then counting the weeks, and feeling sad when I couldn’t have a caramel shortbread that I used to love so much at work. But now, it’s just my lifestyle. I don’t head to the chocolate isle anymore, and if I do I go for oreos [oh me oh my thank you oreos]. Checking packets of products for their ingredients is second nature also, and it’s helped me look at what other ingredients are in food that we eat which has proven to be quite interesting. So that’s the biggest thing for me. I’ve actually gone this far not consuming anything from an animal. It’s not something really to be proud of because I believe it should be that way anyway, but I am because it has been pretty difficult.

The hardest aspect of this I would say has been finding the motivation to actually get up and research new meals and ideas and actually make them. I often find myself making a tasty meal and then when I actually sit down to eat it I’m not that hungry anymore. But I have been loving experimenting different ideas with breakfast which I live for. Especially porridge made with almond milk and infused with peanut butter, or acai bowels [DAYUM].

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.03.03

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.03.29

As for little sweet cravings that won’t go away, try pure dark chocolate, the higher percentage the coco rating the better, topped with some peanut butter. Or just fruit. Especially strawberries and blueberries, they instantly satisfy me if I’m craving something sweet. Places to eat? Five guys do a veggie burger that’s purely just vegetables in a bun. A lot of places do pizza and nine times out of ten their dough will be vegan too, and just order no cheese. Pizza Express do lovely pizza’s which can easily be made vegan. Bill’s Restaurant is a personal favourite, and they have a good range of vegan food there, or dishes which can be made vegan. Nando’s believe it or not do a great Quinoa salad which includes sweet potato, sunflower seeds, avocados etc. I get this every time I go to Nando’s and just swap the feta for some hummus. YoSushi is also great for Vegans. They have lots of great plates on their menu and they highlight dishes which are vegan. And of course, if I happen to be in a city wandering, I will almost always go to Pret. How can I not? Their range of vegan foods is great. So healthy, natural and tasty. And their soya lattes are great too.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.03.46

As for other things, such as make up…I’m slowly starting to introduce beauty products that are animal friendly into my stash. With having so much make up and beauty products, and few pennies, it’s difficult to instantly cut all of that out. So my next goal throughout the next 6 months is to cut out any products that are not animal friendly, and learn and research into brands which are strictly non animal testing.If you have any recommendations that would be great too!

So that’s pretty much where I’m at at the moment.