And Breathe…

Finding different ways to switch off and relax your body is important. It’s important to make time for yourself, and let your body relax. And what’s our favourite way to revitalise ourselves, and recharge? Sleeping. But when the stresses in our lives, and anxieties cause us to loose sleep, we can’t manage to face our days to the maximum because we’re just so tired and anxious. So what do I like to use to help me get a good nights sleep, and relax myself when I’m feeling anxious, that really do work?


First up is one product I’ve written about before. The Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball. I got my hands on this product around a year ago, and I’m still loving it. It’s a really great travel friendly product, which once applied to your pulse points, releases a cooling and calming oil onto your skin, which just oozes tranquility. I really like to carry this with me in my bag, just to help deal with those anxious moments. For a more in depth review, head over here.


Next on the list is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I’ve had my beady eye on this product for a good while now, and after grabbing a small sample in the latest Marie Claire magazine, I was also able to get 20% off my order at This Works. I really like this product. When I get into bed, I like my routine to be smooth, and I want to be able to get really comfy in my nest. There’s nothing more agitating than not being comfy and not being able to sleep. So I spray this a couple of times onto my pillow, and on the top of my duvet. The super blend of lavender and camomile really help to relax me and ease me into a nice calming sleep. Definitely one to purchase if you’re an agitated sleeper.


And lastly is one to definitely pair up with the Pillow Spray. The Deep Sleep Breathe In. This one is very similar to the Deep Sleep Stress Roller Ball. However, it comes in a longer white tube, and works really nicely with the Pillow Spray. It comes in a roller ball form again, and is recommended for your pulse points. The essential oils combined with the natural therapeutic ingredients of Lavender, Vetivert and Patchouli are really calming, and allow that extra pinch of anxiety melt away. I also like to use this on the go, because the tube feels more durable in my bag, I really find this helps when I’m out and about and I can feel my anxiety taking over. I just rub this on my neck and my wrists and breathe in the beautiful aromas, which really help to calm me and keep my anxiety levels to a minimum.


So there are my natural products which help to keep my anxiety at bay, and allow me to get a good nights sleep. Which we all know is one of the biggest tips of beauty. If you are struggling with anxiety, I really would recommend these products to keep at your bedside or in your bag. And remember, to just take it easy. With me anxiety feels like everything is happening to quickly all at once. Take a breath, take each day slowly, and maybe give these a rub on your pulse points when you need to.

Coconut Oil…The Best Beauty Product?


I just have two words for you. Coconut Oil. Worth the hype you ask? 100% YES.

If you want a cleanser that won’t break the bank which will 100% work and change your skin for the better, if you want to have a nice relaxing bath and still feel silky and smooth days after, if you want to wash your make up brushes and see real clean brushes after, if you want to give the ends of your hair some life…You need to try coconut oil.

I happened to buy some when I needed it as a baking ingredient for my non bake vegan brownies which you can find the recipe here if you haven’t already stumbled that way. I purchased a nice massive jar of 100% Raw Coconut Oil in Tescos which didn’t break the bank, and after many different uses I still haven’t really made that big of a hole in the tub.

So. Not just for baking? No sir. I’ve been using the oil as a face cleanser to take off all of my make up, after massaging it into my skin, turning it into a nice milky oil, followed by a warm muslin or face cloth which also gently exfoliates my face. After I’ve cleansed and washed my face and removed all of my make up, I’ll then go back to the oil and apply a very small amount and massage that again into my skin and leave that as it moisturises my skin all night and then wash it off in the morning.


Since doing all of that, as well as continuing to keep a basic skin routine, using minimal products which are gentle for my skin, drinking plenty of water, and eating the right foods, my skin feels sensational. Honestly, I feel my skin is more radiant and glowy, I’m not really breaking out as much, and my blemishes are also few and far between if at all. So go on, get your hands on some oil ladies and gentlemen. It genuinely is worth all the talk. I’d even say this has helped my skin more than any skincare brand I’ve used, because it’s just so natural and free from any nasty ingredients that are likely to break you out.

So what else can you use this little gem for? Take a soak with your usual bubble bath and then add a few scoops of coconut oil. Honestly, your skin will be moisturised and glowy for days. It gives that extra relaxation to your bath, and after you will just feel all gooey and soft. I also lathered some into the ends of my hair, which worked really nicely as a conditioner. After leaving it in for about an hour or so, I washed my hair as normal with shampoo and conditioner and the ends of my hair felt unreal. So so soft.


It’s also great for washing make up brushes along with fairy liquid. The oil helps separate the make up from the brush really well and works great with the fairy liquid to really deep clean the brushes. Definitely try this and see for yourself!

It’s safe to say me and this little find have been getting on really well recently. Our relationship has grown, we’re finding different things about each other and I think it could be love. So go an start your love affair with a big fat tub of some coconut oil, and then thank me later.

All Night Long…



We all want our make up to stay put. Especially when you know your make up’s going to be on your face all day and you won’t be able to reapply much throughout the day. So apart from our trusty primers…what else can we do to ensure our full face stays put?

Number 1 has to go to the Amazing All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray by Urban Decay. Everyone knows this product. From beauty gurus, to your sister recommending it to you. This guy is one you definitely need if you’re going to be out all day and you want your make up to stay exactly where you put it when it was applied. This product promises to reduce the risk of your make up creasing, melting and fading, and also making your skin look softer and smoother…Which I can proudly say it does. I recently attended a wedding and I wanted my make up to stay solid throughout the day, with not being able to carry that much make up with me in my little clutch bag. So I sprayed this baby 2-4 times in an X and T motion over my face, and my make up stayed put ALL DAY and NIGHT LONG. Queue Lionel…? Nope? Alrighty then…


Next up is another Urban Decay love… The Eye Shadow Primer Potion. This one you’ve definitely heard about. If you want your eye shadow to become bolder, brighter and last forever then you’ll probably wanna purchase this little beauty if you haven’t already. I also used this perfect potion for my eyes for the wedding. My eye shadow became even more bolder and brighter, and really did last all day without creasing. A holy grail product for your make up stash. Application is also a dream, with the small applicator at the end of the product. This stuff is also great if you’re wanting to wear winged eyeliner and you want to ensure that it stays exactly where you applied. No one has time for walkabout eyeliners. Especially me. But using this as a base to lock the product in, my eyeliner stays precise all day without smudging. Thank you Urban Decay!


Travel Essentials For a Long Haul Flight…


It’s suddenly dawning on me that I’m going on a pretty big trip in the next day or so. I’ll be enduring 18 to 22 hour non stop flights, which suddenly gave me the realisation…oh snap that’s gonna do some nasty things to my skin as well as other nasty realisations. So here’s a little post on some products I’ll be taking to help defend my skin against the nasty cabin air, keep me calm, pass the time and make me comfortable for these flights ahead.

One thing I will definitely be taking is my This Works Deep Sleep Stress Rollerball. This is going to be my savour on this daunting trip. The gentle and calming aromas are sure to take the edge off the worry when I roll it on my pulse points and inhale the calming scents. If you want to read more about this product read the full post here… Another product I will be taking is the Avene Spring Water spray which will not only refresh and care for my skin but also freshen me up and bring me back down in moments of calmness.


I will also be taking a deep moister mask, which I can apply and leave on my face for a good while. I’ve made sure I’ve got a clear one which doesn’t need much attention after applying. Because let’s be honest no one wants to be walking back from the loo and see a little green monster sat on an aisle, and the poor person next to me definitely won’t want that either as they do that awkward sleepy head roll and wake up with some green mask on their face too… So I picked up the clear Avene Moisture Mask which is travel size friendly too!

I’m also taking my small Emma Hardie Cleansing balm, which I know will instantly relax me and cleanse my skin beautifully. It’s also a good excuse to get up stretch my legs and wash it off. Moisture moisture moisture. My skin is going to dry out so much, so I’m making sure I’m taking a moisturiser that I know works deep into my skin, so I’m taking the Avene Hydrating Cream. I’m also taking the Clinique All About Eyes Serum, just to brighten and hydrate my eye areas. I’m also taking the one and only Elizabeth 8 Hour Cream. I love this stuff. It has too many uses, seriously from a lip balm, to a nail moisturiser, to a highlighter to bloody elbow cream…Honestly, if your elbows are dry, wack this bad boy on. I wonder if my elbows will get dry on the flight…


And then obviously the other less fancy essentials: Passport, Visa, Purse, Toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, hair ties, hair grips, paracetamol, chewing gum, kalms, etc etc…

Moving onto the not so beauty items, I’ll be taking a good set of headphones [a definite must] which will help to cancel out the engine noise of the plane. Books books and plenty of books. I’m gonna try and read so much to pass the time, but also to let me escape and forget where I am so I can relax and keep calm throughout the flight. I’ve downloaded podcasts and apps so I can use this time to learn some of the Vietnamese language too! Portable phone charger in case I can’t find any areas to charge my phone in between flights. Blanket/scarf… I have a safety/comfort thing…Is it a thing? I just love scarves, but I also love how safe and comfortable I feel when I wear one, so I’ll definitely be taking one that I can turn into a throw and blanket as well as wrap around me.

Hello head pillow…This guy is great! I’ve been trialling him out getting used to the neck and psyching myself up, and he’s really comfy and the fabric is really soft and comfortable too! I got this one in Muji, and it comes with a nice little sock which you can put it in to keep it compact when it’s deflated.

So there we have it. A little look into my survival kit for my trip. Hope this also helps you if you find yourself travelling somewhere soon!

The Oil That Will Change Your Skin Routine…


For a while now I’ve had my beady little eyes on a certain cleansing oil. Of course you guess right when you think ‘I bet its an Una Brennan one…’ HA I just love this lady. But I did get the cleansing oil…So sit back, relax, maybe grab a brew whilst I tell you about another great find.

I used to always take my make up off with facial wipes. I was lazy, and also under edcuated when it came to skin products. Believe it or not, I didn’t realise you could take make up with any other products. I then found micella water and began taking my make up off with that, until I found the world of cleansers and oils. Holy moly has my skin changed since.

This oil is a particular favourite. Let me introduce you to the Vitamin C Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. The freshest of fresh cleansers which will leave your skin feeling soft, gentle and CLEANSED thanks to all the essential oils it’s enriched with such as Rosemary, Grape-seed and Olive Oil. And no this doesn’t mean you can lash a bit in your frying pan…well maybe? I’ll get back to you on that one…. But I do know it’s a good make up brush cleaner…that you can do! It’s also a great make up remover, and also removes all of those little impurities that have kindly built up throughout the day. So how can you not say no? Give it a try and see for yourself that you’ll be left with a glowing, healthy and cleansed complexion. Damn Miss Brennan, you got it going’ on!



Acne…The Do’s and Dont’s…

Spots. The little shits that will take over your face, and take away any self confidence you had and leave you feeling ugly. We’ve all been there at some point haven’t we? We’ve all had that spot that’s been brewing for days, only to make itself known at the most inappropriate time, in the most inappropriate place, with the most inappropriate appearance. I mean come on… Having Mount Etna on your face isn’t really ideal is it? I mean she’s probably really nice, but not today thank you. Not any day. Especially the day I forget to put my concealer into my make up bag…

And then there’s the times when the spots get out of control. They come in what feel like their thousands, and invade parts of your face like they’ve declared some sort of war. Then it may get all civil, and you’ve got different armies from different areas of your face trying to invade each other. It’s not cool is it?

In all seriousness however, there are tips which can help. I know when I had severe acne, I lost all confidence when it came to my face. It go to a point that I’d skip college and hide away in my room for weeks until I realised it was on me to sort this shit out. I did go to the doctors which is one step I would recommend if it gets too much. I got put on tablets which lasted a good half a year or so which really changed my complexion. But this isn’t a post about getting some pills to sort your skin out. Not only did they help, but I had to find ways to keep my skin in check after finishing my course of antibiotics, and to never have to go back on them again. So, after a way too long introduction, let me share with you some tips which have really helped my skin. Please note that I still don’t have the best skin, I have scars from my acne, and I still do get blemishes and spots. But it’s nothing compared to what I used to have. You can trust me on that.


We all have our beautiful pots filled with delightful brushes that help us to apply our make up nice and evenly. But tell me, how often do you actually wash those beauties? Washing my make up brushes seriously is one of the most soul destroying chores I have to do when it comes to make up. It isn’t fair, I know. BUT if you want to limit the amount of bacteria spreading around your face, and clogging up your pores [MMMM, gross but true] then you need to ensure you’re washing your make up brushes regularly. I’d say at least once a week.


If you’ve been up to date with the posts, then you will know I am a fan of a certain foundation. The Revlon Colour Stay. The coverage of this foundation really helped me with my acne. Honestly, it covered every single spot, and paired with a good primer it stayed on my skin throughout the day. It covered any redness and made it hard for people to believe that I actually had any issues with my skin when I wore it. Honestly, I love this so much that even now I can’t part with it. It’s also so good to cover acne scarring too.


Since going through different stages with my skin, it’s given me the opportunity to really take the time and effort into looking after it. It gives me the motivation to have myself a nice skin routine morning and night, with the occasional slip up if I’m feeling lazy…But the majority of the time I am putting effort into keeping up with it. I’d really recommend products that don’t have that much in them. Look for natural recognisable ingredients, which you think would be gentle on the skin, for example, fruits are really good for the skin, and not ingredients that sound something like you used to make in your old chemistry class at school… I also learnt that if your spots are sore and aggravated anyway, go for extremely gentle products and try to limit exfoliating those areas to once a week or so, because I found exfoliating can make them slightly worse and even more sore.


Honestly, this one I can’t stress enough. I know drinking water can be such a pain in the backside sometimes, but holy moly, I genuinely believe that drinking a good 1.5 to 3 litres a day saved my skin. It really does flush out all those dirty toxins in not only your skin but your body too. So it’s an all rounder really…But you will be living on the toilet…


Another one that really is important. Sometimes acne can be caused through poor diet. If you’re not getting the right nutrients and taking in all those vital vitamins then your skin can suffer. Try to stay away or limit yourself from the fizzy drinks, high sugar and saturated fat foods and eat more natural foods and you’ll be on your way.

It does take time, and I know it can be frustrating, but honestly, it does get better. You may feel like you’re completely on your own, and you look at other people’s skin and envy how they can wear no make up and still look lovely and clear…But you aren’t alone in this civil war on your face. There are so many others in the same fight. And even when you feel like your piling on too much foundation to cover them all up, or you don’t even want to leave the house because of it, please remember that beauty isn’t all about having clear skin. As cliche as it goes, it really is underneath that truly matters. It’s the person that you are which is where the true beauty lies. Spots come and go, but you’ll always stay. Try and focus on that part.


And Relax…Deep Sleep, Stress Less Review…


Some people count to ten when they’re feeling tense or on edge. Some concentrate on how they inhale and exhale, and breathe out all their worries. I like to use this. The Deep Sleep Stress Less by thisworks. And what a little gem it is to me. Only recently was I able to get my hands on it, but since having it and using it when I need to has really helped me relax and breathe.

With natural fragrance notes of Lavender, Frankincense, Coconut and Eucalyptus, this little rollerball aims to relax and calm you by allowing these gentle aromas to ooze onto your pulse points to calm the senses, and for your body to softly inhale the smells, taking all that weight away from you.  Lovely.


It can be used by rolling onto certain pulse points, for example your wrist or your neck, and it instantly starts soothing you as it releases many  natural oils and vapours. It can also be used by rolling onto tissue where you can inhale the vapours to relax you.

I personally like to apply this onto my wrist and my neck whenever I can feel myself becoming anxious, which helps me relax and breathe. Never a day goes by now where I won’t carry this around in my handbag. It is an essential for me. I also really like to apply it before sleeping, if I’m also feeling anxious or agitated. I especially like to apply it softly on my arm creases, which I feel really cools and relaxes my body, allowing me to sleep.

And breathe…