Make up for Sweaty Betty Weather…


So if you’ve been living in the UK, you would be currently sweating in the very hot weather we’ve been having. And us being British it always comes as a shock when the temperature gets to a point we don’t recognise unless we’ve paid an all inclusive rate for a nice hotel by a beach somewhere far from here. But something’s telling me as soon as I post this our weather will be boltic again…But in the meantime…what are my summer make up staples to ensure that my make up doesn’t completely sweat off my face?

First up is one I’ve spoken about before a long time ago, and still to this day I always come back to it in the summer time. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.Β This product is perfect if you’re not a fan of BB creams, and you don’t want a full coverage foundation that will suffocate your face in this heat. This moisturiser gives a beautiful dewy glow to the skin, with a light to medium coverage. It’s a dream to apply, as it just glides onto the skin beautifully, and gives a beautiful radiant even coverage over the face. Definitely one to pick up for your make up stash!

DSC_0011 a

Next up is the Healthy Balance Powder by Bourjois Paris. This little well usedΒ beauty is just lovely. It gives a nice delicate matte finish to the face which isn’t over powering. If you just want a natural and healthy glow to finish off your base and lock it all in, then this is your pal.


Ready, Set, Brow. I just love this product by Benefit. Whenever I’m touching up my eyebrows, they always seem to go walk about during the day, but this product just locks them into place all day long. A definite must to have in your make up routine during all the seasons.


Summer is all about that gentle and delicate glow to the skin, and this summer I’ve been loving my Soft and Gentle Highlighter from Mac. This product is just stunning. I could talk and recommend it for days. It just gives the most beautiful glow and radiant glow to the skin. With its rose gold, and light tones, it just works wonders in adding different tones to your face in a lovely and delicate way. I cannot recommend this product more.


And of course I’d be silly not mentioning the Urban Decay Make up Setting Spray. This bad boy really does lock in your make up and make it last all day long. It’s oil free, which is great for me having oily skin and it also helps keep your face cool, to stop your make up from sweating down your face. It smells incredible, it’s lovely to apply especially if you need cooling down after applying your make up, it’s just lovely.


Review: Air Mat Foundation, Bourjois Paris…


Bourjois have always smashed out excellent foundations, of which I am a massive fan of. So when I heard about the new release of a foundation in which they promised would mattify the skin, hold for 24 hours, and still be ‘light as air’ I started rubbing my hands together. This girls got some oily skin that needs to be mattified, so you could see my excitement…

So. First thoughts? The bottle is different from other foundations in their range, it reminds me of the cc cream they brought out a couple of months ago which I also LOVED. It’s pretty easy to use, no leaks so far. The only comment I could really make would be that it doesn’t actually look like there could be that much in the bottle…But that could be me being greedy ha!


Application. Pretty damn good! It applies really well. Very easy to blend giving a medium to high coverage. With yellow tones running through the foundation, I found it wasn’t too pink or pale on my skin which was excellent. The texture is also lovely. Sometimes with foundations that try and mattify your face, they can be very drying and almost powdery. This doesn’t at all. It’s a light non drying formula which works wonders with my skin, and gives me a subtle matte finish which feels very lightweight.

As for the 24 hour hold…I’m not really one to wear make up that long throughout the day on my skin…Does anyone? It’s a big statement to make, but hey! Why aren’t you guys washing your faces?! Bourjois doesn’t seem to think so!



Boots 3 for 2, you little minx…


I think every girl will agree with me when I say that when Boots do a 3 for 2 across all make up and beauty, that they want to pee themselves with excitement, or is the peeing bit just me..? That’s cool. I have found myself being in boots A LOT recently since the 3 for 2. But these are the products in which I have bought.

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