Ruffle Ruffle…

It’s been a good while since I’ve written or posted anything for which I apologise. After travelling and then going back to work and some other matters I’ve found myself with very little motivation to write anything.

However, I’m trying to change that and I’m trying to ignore the voice in my head that’s telling me I’m not good enough at the moment.

It’s finally my favourite season. When it got to the end of September I was dying to dig out all my scarves, big coats, big jumpers and plum lipsticks. I’ve also been finding myself recently trying on different clothes which I wouldn’t usually wear when I’ve been out shopping, and being pleasantly surprised when they’ve fit or looked good.

Here’s one I was particularly happy with. This little Ruffle Style Shirt from H&M. I’ve had my eye on the ruffle style and I’ve been really liking it so I thought I’d try it out and needless to say I’m loving it. It is a bit out there for me, and something I wouldn’t usually go for but I’ve been inspired by other women to try new things with my style and this I did.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

It’s smart and classic and effortlessly chic. All the things I look for in my wardrobe. I think I’m going to get some wear out of this one. What do you think?

Amsterdam Assembles…

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

So I headed to Amsterdam for a couple of days and fell even more in love with the beautiful canels, the wonky terraces and the old school dainty bikes. Don’t let the stigma of Amsterdam put you off this beautiful place. You may get attacked by a cloud of horrible hazey smoke every now and then, but this place is full of history, nature and very fashionable people.

I was quite hesitant as to what clothes to take since I’d be walking around a lot and I wasn’t sure which way the weather was going to go. I kept it relatively simple. You can probably guess I only took monochrome colours, but please remain calm when I say there may have been a pastel pink coat and a blue shirt thrown in the mix. I know dare devil alert…

And of course I packed waaaaay too many clothes…but let’s not get into that…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

My favourite picks from this trip have been this pastel pink coat from Forever 21. I went ahead and bought this after seeing so many pretty pastel pink outfits. Told you I would give it a whirl. This number has been my saviour. It goes with everything. Absolutely everything. It looks slick and chic and really adds a touch of elegance to all of my outfits. I was able to pair it with my Stan Smiths and my ankle boots and I still feel elegant and smart. Not to mention this bad boy is also great for comfort. But needs a good ironing every now and then…

Next up are my beautiful culottes. These babies have flown me to Hong Kong and given me the greatest of comfort. They also go so well with my trainers and still give me that touch of elegance and grace. Especially when I wear them with my pretty pink coat. Did I mention they’re comfy? Seriously if you’re not a skirt person in the heat and you don’t want to melt in your tight jeans, these are your pals. They’ll have you high kicking down the street for days.

So those are what I felt pretty darn cool in the last few days whilst walking round like a little tourist trying to look Dutch…what are your favourite picks for city breaks?

Pretty Pleats…

It’s getting to that time of year again where the days are longer, the sunsets are stunning, my neighbours are making their gardens bloom and the sweet smell of freshly cut grass is oozing through my window. Spring has sprung and here’s another Spring Style Post.

Pretty Pleats.

Pleated skirts are what I’m in awe of at the moment. They’re just so romantic and alluring with how delicately they fall around the ankles. And so so incredibly versatile. Pair them with some Courts for an inch more of sosfistication, or throw on your Stans and you’ve still got beautiful elegance.

I’m absolutely in love with these pastel pinks too. There’s just something even more graceful and delicate about this colour. We all know I like to stick to the darker colours but this Spring I may even branch out to some pastel pinks. Why the hell not?

What are your favourite Spring Styles at the moment?

The Spring Style Edit…

So the sun is definitely making its appearance much more these days, meaning that the days of big cosy coats are gone…for now and the days of wearing light jackets, lighter colours, and more delicate numbers are sure to be here. Ish…she says going for her big coat still…

I love looking through Pinterest and reading magazines, finding different styles and seeing how I can adapt them to make them my own and more me, but that’s so much easier when it’s Autumn and Winter. Spring and Summer is a different story. I feel much more on show in these seasons, something that makes me feel uncomfortable. I find so much comfort in being able to hide under that massive scarf, and oversized coat. Now I’m just vulnerable! Help!!!

So how do I go about this? How do I find a nice style throughout these warmer months coming up that I will feel comfortable in?

First things first…A long cardigan. I found one in Forever 21 and since buying it I’ve been wanting it to be warmer so I don’t need a jacket and I can wear this instead. I love how long and tall it makes me feel, with it dropping down to just before my ankles. Paired with some ankle boots and it oozes elegance. I also like to wear it with trainers too, which I think also looks good. It also covers everything I’m not a big fan off. The hip area, the bum and the legs. Everything a big coat will cover, this little number has it covered too. I may go crazy and buy all different shades, but for now I’ve just got the grey…For now….

Next up is Tailored Trousers. I just think so much elegance comes from these garments. They are SO versatile is makes me giddy. Wear them with a big jumper or t-shirt and some trainers like Stan’s or some Vans and you still look smart and chic. Pair them with some heels and you’re suddenly finding yourself sipping on a cocktail at a bar looking luxurious. You can then pair them with a shirt and a blazer and still wear some sort of trainers and look elegant. It’s all about the trouser. It just works.

Next up for the Spring Edit is the t-shirt with a blazer. This just makes me melt when it’s done right. Honestly I think it’s such an effortlessly alluring combination. Keeping it casual with a basic t-shirt, and then adding a blazer on top instantly adds that elegance and charm to the outfit.

So these are my little inspirations for outfits as the months become warmer. What are yours?

Trusty Trench…



DSC_3163_FotorIs that Spring I can see peeping through my window? Hello you my little lost friend. As much as I love cozying up in my oversized scarves, hiding under my big coats, there’s something about the freshness of the Spring air, the lighter evenings and swapping my big grey coat for my Trench. So with that in mind, and a little Spring in my step…here’s another outfit post for you.DSC_3179_Fotor


Hey there cheeky man…



Coat: Zara / Shirt: Jack Wills / Jeans and Boots: New Look /

I fell in love with this coat as soon as I saw it. The fit, the material, everything is divine. It’s so comfortable too. Sometimes I’ve found Trenches can be a bit restrictive with the fit, the arms are too tight, it doesn’t sit nicely on the shoulders or the chest..not this lil guy. I didn’t think I’d like actually fastening it either, but hey there I am buttoning her up. I just love how elegant and classic they look, and of course very Parisian. We all know what a sucker I am for the Parisan Style.

I can’t wait to wear this little love thoughout the Spring Season.

Go Monochrome or Go Home…




I’m always a big monochrome fan. It’s my go to, my sanctuary. I feel safe in monochrome. I feel cool, chic and smart. It’s always a winner.

So here’s one of my favourite go to monochrome outfits I’ve been wearing lately. It’s still quite chilly here in good old Seaside Southport, so I’m clinging onto the Wintery clothes until it will be too hot for a chunky scarf, and my trusty big coats. Farewell my loves, until next year.

Coat and Jumper: Zara / Culottes: Mango / Scarf:New Look / Trainers:Vans.

It took me a while to feel okay with wearing Culottes. But when I finally bit the bullet, I thought what the hell was I thinking putting these bad boys off for so long? They are incredible comfy, which is something I always want with outfits. Comfort first. If you’re not comfortable in something, ditch it. These guys are so so great. Perfect for travelling in, perfect for a long day out, and perfect paired with a pair of strappy heels. Match them up with a big coat and I think it looks great, even better with some sort of trainers. I like to pair them with my Stan Smiths if I’m not wearing my Oldskools.




Perfectly Parisian…

There’s something seriously gracious, majestic and elegant about the Parisian style. One which I absolutely adore and aspire to have even just the slightest hint of, whenever I throw an outfit together. It is an art. The artfully rumpled hair, the stylistic wardrobe of basic staples which look effortlessly tailored every time, along with that divine red lip finishing every single look. These Parisian women, not girls, have this down. There’s no doubt about that.

Of course there’s the ultimate French staples that everyone knows about. The trench coat, striped tee, a simple black dress, the perfect blue jeans, a crisp white oversized shirt, and the trusty ballet pumps or stilettos. Maybe add a slouchy jumper along with a tailored suit blazer and some heeled boots and you’re on to a winner…But what is it about these women that really pull off this Perfect Parisian Style? Is it the clothes? Is it the artfully rumpled hair? Or that signature red lip? Or maybe everything put together that makes these women radiate Paris, and sheer chic’ness… Or maybe there’s something in the pastries? Croissant anyone?

But it’s something else. It’s not the clothes. It’s the way they wear them. With these women, it’s not about fitting into the clothes…it’s about the garments fitting them. And that’s the epitome. That’s the inspiration. That’s Parfaitement Paraisenne. That’s Pefectly Parisian.

Au Revoir Belle Dame