Make up for Sweaty Betty Weather…


So if you’ve been living in the UK, you would be currently sweating in the very hot weather we’ve been having. And us being British it always comes as a shock when the temperature gets to a point we don’t recognise unless we’ve paid an all inclusive rate for a nice hotel by a beach somewhere far from here. But something’s telling me as soon as I post this our weather will be boltic again…But in the meantime…what are my summer make up staples to ensure that my make up doesn’t completely sweat off my face?

First up is one I’ve spoken about before a long time ago, and still to this day I always come back to it in the summer time. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. This product is perfect if you’re not a fan of BB creams, and you don’t want a full coverage foundation that will suffocate your face in this heat. This moisturiser gives a beautiful dewy glow to the skin, with a light to medium coverage. It’s a dream to apply, as it just glides onto the skin beautifully, and gives a beautiful radiant even coverage over the face. Definitely one to pick up for your make up stash!

DSC_0011 a

Next up is the Healthy Balance Powder by Bourjois Paris. This little well used beauty is just lovely. It gives a nice delicate matte finish to the face which isn’t over powering. If you just want a natural and healthy glow to finish off your base and lock it all in, then this is your pal.


Ready, Set, Brow. I just love this product by Benefit. Whenever I’m touching up my eyebrows, they always seem to go walk about during the day, but this product just locks them into place all day long. A definite must to have in your make up routine during all the seasons.


Summer is all about that gentle and delicate glow to the skin, and this summer I’ve been loving my Soft and Gentle Highlighter from Mac. This product is just stunning. I could talk and recommend it for days. It just gives the most beautiful glow and radiant glow to the skin. With its rose gold, and light tones, it just works wonders in adding different tones to your face in a lovely and delicate way. I cannot recommend this product more.


And of course I’d be silly not mentioning the Urban Decay Make up Setting Spray. This bad boy really does lock in your make up and make it last all day long. It’s oil free, which is great for me having oily skin and it also helps keep your face cool, to stop your make up from sweating down your face. It smells incredible, it’s lovely to apply especially if you need cooling down after applying your make up, it’s just lovely.


Eye Shadow Pencils…


Eye Shadow Pencils are always great when you’re just not in the mood to spend a good amount of time on your lids and recently I’ve been having a lot of those days. So with that in mind, I’ve dug out my favourite eye shadow pencils for those days.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow / 05



This guy really is all about that long lasting. It doesn’t budge. So much so that when you apply it, you need to make sure you are ready to blend straight away because there’s no stopping this baby. The stick itself is a dream to apply. It’s not hard or awkward on your lid, it just glides on beautifully. The colour. Well. It’s just beautiful. A metallic brown with rose gold oozing out of it. It’s not too metallic either, the shimmer is controlled and the pigmentation is just gorgeous. I like to apply this lightly at first in the outer corners of my eye, gently blending over my lid and up in the crease, gradually building up the colour and I’m ready to go!  A definite must to have in your make up stash.

Laura Mercier Eye Stick Colour / Rose Gold


This is just so beautiful. This one I didn’t think would be for me when I first swatched it on my hand, but since then the love has grown. It’s so delicate and gentle on the lid. One that you can wear all over the lid, with adding a darker colour in the outer corners to create a bolder look. This even works great as a highlighter applying it in the inner corners of the eye. The colour is so light and rosey and lovely to blend. This one you don’t have to blend straight away because it doesn’t stick to your lid quite as dramatically, which doesn’t make it so intimidating. To read another review I did on this and the Rose Gold collection In the Glow from Laura Mercier pop over to here.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil / French Fries


This stick is new to the make up collection after Nyx came to boots in my home town. An exciting event if you ask me. So I picked up this Eye Pencil in the weirdest shade name ever…French Fries… There isn’t one part of this eye stick that reminds me of french fries…The colour is very pigmented and quite long lasting. The colour itself is just a pure bronze.  There’s no shimmer, but it is slightly metallic. Super easy to blend, if you blend too much the product may come completely off, so ensure you build the colour up and try not to rub your eyes. On a whole I’m impressed with this product but it didn’t really wow me like the others in this collection.

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo / On and On Bronze 



I’ve definitely saved my best for last on this post. I can’t tell you how much I love this product and how many times I’ve found myself having to buy another pot, and going back to this product because every time it never fails me. If you want to create a soft and bronzy brown look that will 100% last all day, then you really need to get your hands on one of these. The colour is just insanely stunning and the formula is perfect. The creaminess of the gel helps to apply the product easily onto the lid, and making it super blend-able. The shadow doesn’t crease throughout the day either, especially if you wear an eye primer underneath to lock in the colour even more. It’s just beautiful and I’m a little bit in love.

So there are my favourite Eye pencils and creams. What pencils and creams do you love slapping on your lids?

Laura Mercier, In the Glow…

So firstly, Merry Christmas! Is it too late to say that now..? Yep…Happy New Year? Been there done that. But anyway, I hope you all had the loveliest of days spent with lots of food this past festive season with lots of laughter and time with your loved ones. Second of all, how’s that food baby? I’m still nursing mine, but I’ve grown very attached to it. I’ll be expecting in the early spring, but I’m still deciding with names. But now let’s get to business. Make up, oh hello you.

Today’s post will be about the divine Laura Mercier, In the Glow Trio Set. This set is unreal. Really. I’m a big fan of highlighting, so when I saw that this is all about that highlight, I was a very happy lady.


The kit includes: Matte Radiance Baked Powder in the shade Highlight, Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour in Peach Glow and a lovely Eye Stick in the shade Rose Gold.

Let’s start of with my favourite product of this set. The highlighter powder itself. It’s just so damn lovely. Everything about it appeals to me. It’s not too much, it’s not too shimmery and white. It’s got a really nice rose gold tone running through it, which I think makes it look subtle on the face, but still pops in the light when you want it to. It’s also perfect for all areas to highlight on the face, including the upper cheek bones, the eyebrow arch, the inner tear ducts and the cupids bow etc etc. Just a beautiful, soft and gentle easy to use highlighter. LOVE.


Next up is the Face Stick in Peach Glow. I won’t lie, I saw this product and thought, the fuck do I do with this?! [excuse the french, but I’m really not a cheek stick kinda gal…] It looked a bit too pink for my liking, especially when I like to keep the cheeks quite neutral. But I gave it a chance and it’s safe to say I was pleasantly surprised! Again, it’s subtle as anything, which I love. It’s so easy to apply. Just a light sweep or dap on the cheek bones, and blend with either your fingers or a brush and it works really well. It’s not overpowering, and it doesn’t look like you’ve just finished a 5 mile run, it just gives you that tiny little pop of colour that sometimes I need. Definitely one to use more of and experiment with.


Last up is the Eye Stick in the shade Rose Gold. I knew I was going to get on well with this product. I mean how could I not? It’s an eye shadow stick, come on! And I wasn’t disappointed. It applies so nicely on the lid, and even though it’s a waxy and long lasting finish, it blends really nicely, either using your finger tips or a blending brush. The colour is just so divine. The only way to describe it is a dewy rose gold with a hint of shimmer. It looks lovely all over the lid, with maybe adding a darker colour in the outer corners to build more colour. But it also just looks lovely all over if you’re not wanting anything major going on.


Laura, you’ve done it again.

Makeup Wishing…

So I’ve recently been dreaming about dreamy make up releases that have hit our make up counters this Winter.  So I thought I’d share them with you incase you didn’t already know about these amazing new releases.

The first is the Nars One Shocking Moment Limited Edition Face Complextion Palette. This has me in absolutely awe. I love Nars’ Orgasm and Laguna face palette for a cheeky contour and blush, but this palette takes this to a whole new other level for me. Priced at £49 makes me feel a little sick inside however, if I trip into Space NK and accidentally trip so hard that my bank card just happens to find it’s way into the chip and pin and suddenly pays for it then that’s absolutely okay isn’t it??

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 18.04.44

Image sourced from

Just look how dreamy it is!! With everything from highlighter to bronzer, this is the ultimate palette to have to give yourself a perfect complexion. Definitely on my to buy list…

Next up is another palette I have been dreaming of ever since I saw a blog post of it a few months back. The Paris Audacity EyeShadow Palette. Based on the streets of Paris, this palette includes 16 luxurious shades with 4 different finishes which I am dying to get my eyelids into. I love working with eyeshadow and creating different looks and with being a very big fan of the Lancome Hypnose eyeshadow palettes, I already know this palette is going to work wonders. It’s going to be perfect for all occasions, building different looks and having LOTS of fun in the process.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 22.32.06

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My last lusting piece at the moment is the Laura Mercier Gift Collection. Holy mother of God have you seen the gift sets this year from this wonderful woman?! Christmas is gonna be gooooood. From a luxurious brush set, to a dreamy 12 set eyeshadow palette, a master class colour essentials kit which includes everything you could ever need is absolutely to die for. There’s just too much to talk about and I’m getting too excited AH. If you want to know exactly what I’m drooling over then head over here and hopefully accompany me in the drooling game.

What do you have your beady little eyes on this winter? Have I made you drool? Because right now there’s a puddle underneath my laptop…

The Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer…

Do you ever feel that when you put on foundation day after day that you’re suffocating your face with different products and not actually using anything good for your skin? I certainly do. There are rare make up free days for me, and that’s only when I know I’m not leaving the house. However, I have found a little gem which I can use regularly that doesn’t make my face look caked and suffocated by foundation. Waheeeeey!

I stumbled across the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer in John Lewis one afternoon and fell in love. I had heard many different beauty gurus recommending this product, which definitely gave me that extra push to buy it. I will admit, I don’t think I have ever spent so much money on a moisturizer before (at £34) however, I have no regrets and only great things to tell you.

DSC_0011 a

This formula is AMAZING! When you apply the product, it creates a natural and sheer tint of colour to your face (so no cakeyness at all ladies). It’s really lightweight, and helps to control oil breakthroughs on your skin. Ah ye! No more chip frying stations on my nose! When I wear this product, I notice that my skin glows and looks healthy and my oiliness is kept down to a minimum. It’s also really easy to apply. I like to use my real techniques buffing brush, which I feel really helps work the product in without using too much, and creates an even application.

Oh and by the way, it smells incredible. So now you have no reasons as to why you can’t buy it 😉

Have you used this tinted moisturizer yet? Or what are your favourite tinted moisterisers to wear?