And Breathe…

Finding different ways to switch off and relax your body is important. It’s important to make time for yourself, and let your body relax. And what’s our favourite way to revitalise ourselves, and recharge? Sleeping. But when the stresses in our lives, and anxieties cause us to loose sleep, we can’t manage to face our days to the maximum because we’re just so tired and anxious. So what do I like to use to help me get a good nights sleep, and relax myself when I’m feeling anxious, that really do work?


First up is one product I’ve written about before. The Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball. I got my hands on this product around a year ago, and I’m still loving it. It’s a really great travel friendly product, which once applied to your pulse points, releases a cooling and calming oil onto your skin, which just oozes tranquility. I really like to carry this with me in my bag, just to help deal with those anxious moments. For a more in depth review, head over here.


Next on the list is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I’ve had my beady eye on this product for a good while now, and after grabbing a small sample in the latest Marie Claire magazine, I was also able to get 20% off my order at This Works. I really like this product. When I get into bed, I like my routine to be smooth, and I want to be able to get really comfy in my nest. There’s nothing more agitating than not being comfy and not being able to sleep. So I spray this a couple of times onto my pillow, and on the top of my duvet. The super blend ofΒ lavender and camomile really help to relax me and ease me into a nice calming sleep. Definitely one to purchase if you’re an agitated sleeper.


And lastly is one to definitely pair up with the Pillow Spray. The Deep Sleep Breathe In. This one is very similar to the Deep Sleep Stress Roller Ball. However, it comes in a longer white tube, and works really nicely with the Pillow Spray. It comes in a roller ball form again, and is recommended for your pulse points. The essential oils combined with the natural therapeutic ingredients of Lavender, Vetivert and Patchouli are really calming, and allow that extra pinch of anxiety melt away. I also like to use this on the go, because the tube feels more durable in my bag, I really find this helps when I’m out and about and I can feel my anxiety taking over. I just rub this on my neck and my wrists and breathe in the beautiful aromas, which really help to calm me and keep my anxiety levels to a minimum.


So there are my natural products which help to keep my anxiety at bay, and allow me to get a good nights sleep. Which we all know is one of the biggest tips of beauty. If you are struggling with anxiety, I really would recommend these products to keep at your bedside or in your bag. And remember, to just take it easy. With me anxiety feels like everything is happening to quickly all at once. Take a breath, take each day slowly, and maybe give these a rub on your pulse points when you need to.

And Relax…Deep Sleep, Stress Less Review…


Some people count to ten when they’re feeling tense or on edge. Some concentrate on how they inhale and exhale, and breathe out all their worries. I like to use this. The Deep Sleep Stress Less by thisworks. And what a little gem it is to me. Only recently was I able to get my hands on it, but since having it and using it when I need to has really helped me relax and breathe.

With natural fragrance notes of Lavender, Frankincense, Coconut and Eucalyptus, this little rollerball aims to relax and calm you by allowing these gentle aromas to ooze onto your pulse points to calm the senses, and for your body to softly inhale the smells, taking all that weight away from you. Β Lovely.


It can be used by rolling onto certain pulse points, for example your wrist or your neck, and it instantly starts soothing you as it releases many Β natural oils and vapours. It can also be used by rolling onto tissue where you can inhale the vapours to relax you.

I personally like to apply this onto my wrist and my neck whenever I can feel myself becoming anxious, which helps me relax and breathe. Never a day goes by now where I won’t carry this around in my handbag. It is an essential for me. I also really like to apply it before sleeping, if I’m also feeling anxious or agitated. I especially like to apply it softly on my arm creases, which I feel really cools and relaxes my body, allowing me to sleep.

And breathe…